Investment Investment
  • Inspired is a UK-based global owner operator of K-12 schools; established by Nadim M Nsouli in 2013 to address the underserved, structurally growing demand for premium education.
  • Since the first acquisition of 4 Reddam House Schools in South Africa, Nadim has grown the platform through a unique mix of “buy-and-build” with (largely proprietary) acquisitions of existing successful schools, greenfield developments, and selected turnarounds. This multi-pronged approach has propelled the Group to become the leading global group of premium schools, with over 60 schools educating 50,000 students on five continents and an established track record of profitable growth.
  • The Group offers a broad range of nationally and internationally recognised curricula to mainly local self-funded students aged 1-18. All the schools are in prime locations and are individually designed, developed, and bought in response to the community they serve. They also benefit substantially from the Group’s centralised functions, including Education, Marketing, Finance, and IT support among other best practices implemented to help them become leaders in their respective markets.
  • Students across all of Inspired’s schools have consistently achieved strong academic results which are a fitting testament to the high quality of their programmes, teaching, and environment, and have allowed students to subsequently attend top universities around the world.
EXITED IN 2021 AT 4.8X MoM and 49% IRR
Investment Investment
  • France-based “ACE Education” provides high quality specialised vocational tertiary education degrees from Undergraduate Bachelors through to MBAs and Executive Programs. Today the Group includes AMOS, CMH, and ESDAC, educating c.3,800 students across 17 campuses.
  • Following the success of Inspired, Nadim recognised the potential to be achieved by implementing a similar “buy-and-build” strategy within the fragmented higher education space, where institutions could realise substantial synergies and growth from being part of a unified platform of specialised tertiary education offerings.
  • In partnership with Oakley Capital, NMN Cap completed their first acquisition for Ace Education in 2017, acquiring AMOS, the first French business school focused on Sports Management. AMOS delivers specialised management programs in all areas of sport business, with particular focus on the international dimension of the sector. Since the acquisition, AMOS has grown to become France’s leading business school focused entirely on sports, with eight campuses in France and one in the UK.
  • In October 2018, Ace Education expanded into the hospitality vertical through the acquisition of CMH, a leading hospitality school - training managers in hospitality for over 40 years. In August 2019, Ace Education completed the acquisition of ESDAC, one of the only private French business schools offering higher education studies in design.